keskiviikko 11. tammikuuta 2017

The battle keeps going

Hi, dear readers! Here I am again.
I have managed to name almost all my characters. Finding their faces has been harder, but I am pretty sure when I find the right method I will find the faces for the characters as well. The method for naming has become clearer and names have been found better. Editing feels easier. I'm sure the stories make progress when the time is right.
Let's write, shall we?

lauantai 24. syyskuuta 2016

Battle continues

Hi, dear readers! Here I am again.
I have fought with my characters and their names and families for quite some time now. The knot is getting open, but it takes a lot of time before everything has been solved. Let's hope all goes well, even some threads have been found already.
Let's write, shall we?

perjantai 12. helmikuuta 2016

The name battle continues

Hi, dear readers! Here I am again.
I am still battling with my story and the names of my characters, but I refuse to believe I'd never tame this. If I go with "stitch by stitch, row by row" - principle, all should go fine. One character at a time, and all should go well. The story keeps developing in my head, but at times it gets stuck and the only way to unstuck it is to write the stuck point on screen. I may get to move on, or then not.
Let's write, shall we?

torstai 13. maaliskuuta 2014

Pondering about characters

Hi, dear readers! Here I am again.
I've been thinking and doing some research. I have found out, that the name Martin (Martin is April's new husband-to-be in my story) is among 100 most popular names in 1935. It is a good start, I don't even try to deny it. Right now I just don't know, if the surname should be Alder or Alden. I know Martin's year of birth and his first name, and that's a good start. But I know I need a bit more information about him yet. I think I'd better go back to my researching, that I know, what is really going on with him.
Now I've gone through the 100 most popular male names of 1935. I've discovered something quite interesting. The only suitable middle names in that year were Melvin and Jimmie. So this Martin is either Martin Melvin or Martin Jimmie. It may help me to find his exact date of birth, or then not. I don't know. But I let the time tell me, how it goes.
All right, here I am again. I found many, many names, that would fit with the first name April. Now it's all about finding the right person and right combination. This has been a hard battle, but I'm not giving up now. I'm getting pretty close to the solution of this mystery.
Let's write, shall we?

keskiviikko 12. maaliskuuta 2014

Long time, no see

Hi, dear readers! Here I am again. Long time, no see. But as you can see, I'm here now.
I've worked my hardest to get the names of my characters just right. It took years, but now I have developed a system, that seems to work, and it works quite well, if I dare to say so myself.
I've battled with one couple recently. The husband's name is George, and the wife should be April, or at least one of her first names is April. I've believed April would have been born in 1945. Now I must correct my view. Why? Because the name April is not on the list! That means I may have to make her a bit older or younger, but not too young to have a child.
I've found out, that Martin Alden, the man the older April marries in my story, is from Florida and he has been born in 1935. So when was April born? It seems, that my researching points to the year 1940, which in turn means April and George tie the knot in 1958, when April is 18 years old.
Of course I still don't know April's exact date of birth, but the year alone helps a lot and narrows the search.
Let's write, shall we?

tiistai 21. toukokuuta 2013

Yet another startover

Hi! Sorry my dear readers, but I had to start from all over again. Too much has changed, that I could have kept my blog texts as they were. Not in my life, no. The names of the characters had changed, so I had no choice but to start all over again. But some things have not changed. Maybe I can tell about those things in the future.